Sunday, June 18, 2006

Thursday Night's Romp

I first want to apologige to those who have been following Cincinnati NAMjA. Due to a rash of internet difficulties, I have not been able to post as often as i would have liked to. So the next few posts are dedicated to "catch you up" for the past weekend.

Last Thursday, the weather was very calm. So I decided to head to Friendship Park and really break in my new rollerblades. The last time that I had visited this park, it was very empty but this time, the several different gardens were lightly populated with painters, walkers, bikers and two other rollerbladers. I was very happy to see the park being used. After the 30 min jaunt around the park I came home and had a light dinner. Still bored, I decided felt the curse of song arise in me so I thought I would head out to Universal Grill for Karaoke. Low and behold there was a karaoke contest (which I did not win), but it was fun to see some familiar faces out on a Thursday night. Even though I lost, a woman told me that the Carnegie was hosting several productions this summer, one of the being Dreamgirls. I am so excited! She even suggested that I audition for one of the productions. I’ll keep you posted.

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