Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Workout Log #2

Today has turned out to be better than I had expected. I did my regular upper body workout (bi's, tri's, chest, back and abs) but is was much easier then my Sunday's workout. Since I used the same amount of reps and weight for each exercise, I am presumably getting abit bit stronger as the days go by. That is a good thing (I just hope that it's showing as well...). As I stated in my last workout entry, my workout, itself does not change very drastically, so I am trying to spice it up my trying out different workout facilities. Sunday, I ventured to the University of Cincinnati's brand spanking new Campus Recreation Center and it was great. I started my college career some up-teen years ago at this university and the workout facility was ok but thenew one is 15times larger and better. I am so jealous. The weight room, (which is where I spend most of my time) is situated on the 3rd level of the facility and it opens to the basketball courts on the ground level. It feels as if you are suspended in air as you pump the weights. Great idea!

Today, I ventured to the Gold's Gym in Hyde Park. I have been to this gym once before, but it was a few years ago. On principle, I try to stay away from corporate gyms because they are more about the bottom dollar than about helping their fellow man. I know because I used to work at FitWorks as a sales rep. Gold's was ok. The great thing about this gym is that it is over looking Interstate 71 so atleast you had a different car and mini van to look at every once in awhile . Also, all of the television monitors have headphones so the incessant babble of Maury Povich is not straining on your ears while you are trying to get that last bicep curl in. Another great idea!

One thing that I am going to add to these workout logs is a countdown to my summer vacation.

16 days and counting!

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