Thursday, June 22, 2006

Workout Log #2

Today I decided to be a cheap skate and workout at the recreation center where I am employed. The bad thing is that I am employed at a local university so after work is when all of the students AND employees head to the gym. Always a bad decision if you are trying to get through a quick workout, which is what I was trying to do. The good thing is that there are people to talk with and give/get advice to/from about weight lifting strategies and workout plans.

I was trying to rush through today's workout because I had the opportunity to shadow a personal trainer (more about this to come). Even though I have some experience with training while I was in the Army, it is great to see a person trying to get in shape because they want to and not because they are getting barked at.

One great thing is that even though I have not increased the number of reps or weigh, it is much easier to get through the workouts. I will do one more session at the present weight/rep schedule then I think I will kick it up a notch for next week.

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