Sunday, June 18, 2006

Workout Log #1

For several years, I have been interested in physical fitness. While I was in the Army, I worked extra hard to get a perfect score on every physical fitness test that I took and achieved a perfect score of 300 several times. While I was in the Ohio National Guard, I was the training NCO (non-commissioned officer) for our unit. Currently, I am studying to take the A.C.E. exam to become certified as a Personal Trainer.

I have read a number of blogs who have created a log of their progress leading up to a particular event so I fell into that way of blogging with my Runners log. Now that is over, I am going to periodically update you guys on my workouts leading up to my summer vacation. It will be interesting to read what I write about.

Today I am heading to the University of Cincinnati's new Campus Recreation Center. I attended UC my freshman and sophomore years of college, but that was almost 10 years ago. I am eager to check yotheirer new facilities.

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Anonymous said...

They're nice but overpriced for the general public and staff. My Gold's membership is far cheaper.