Friday, August 18, 2006

Alot More Than Just The Jeffersons On TV Nowadays

I watched a minute of so of the first episode of the second season of Noah’s Arc on the internet the other day because Cincinnati cable networks do not offer network that hosts the groundbreaking show, LOGO.

I watched a clip from the first episode of the first season on the internet right when it debuted from the internet as well. Honestly, I am not impressed with either of the two clips. Not to say that I do not like it, but the acting is less than desired. Of course, most of the clips have been of the ultra sexy, but hyper-effeminate lead actor, Darryl Stephens. So maybe some supporting roles may help to carry along the plot.

Again, since I have only watched a few minutes of the shot, I am interested to see how they portray black gay America. As in Keith Boykin’s book, Beyond the Down Low, gay black life is varied with a tumultuous amount of ins and out that one must be very careful when making broad statements about. I have just ordered the first season of this show from Netflix.

I will keep an open mind.

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