Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?

Can you believe it? The Progressive National Baptist Convention is being held this year here in the Queen City. Who gave thier soul to get this organization to visit our fair city? I think there are only just a handful (3 I think) of Progressive National Baptist Churches here in Cincinnati.

At this very momment, around thousands of Progressive National Baptists are galevantiing in the City of Flying Pigs and leaving thier impressionable mark on the newly renovated Duke Energy Convention Center.

The coming of this group also brings the Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr., Founder and President, RainbowPUSH Coalition, Inc., and Rev. Al Sharpton, Director, National Action Network.

Just today, the Black Prof posed the question if it is reasonable to think of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton exemplifying phony leadership in the Black Community.


I would not say that Jesse and Al exemplify phony leadership in the Black community. It would be more appropriate to say that the are on the left side of Black leadership. As mentioned on NPR just a few days ago, there are many Black leaders that are not considered so because there are not political activists. Now that we have moved further and further away from the Civil Rights movements of the 60's, the strategy that was used to change political issues and society back then is not as productive as it once was.

New leaders bring new ways of providing solutions to the 'problem', whatever the problem may be.

I think this is where Cosby is coming from. His statements over the past few years concerning African American blaming their plight on the white man, are radical compared to the traditional adage that most society deams as the only way to bring about change, which is why there are so many Balck leaders who question him. You have the right to question if he is correct or incorrect in his rhetoric, but you should not question his motive. He is a Black leader who is trying to provide a solution to the 'problem'.

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