Monday, December 10, 2007

Backward Glance

This weekend was a dismal one.

After the snow we experienced last week, the weather was not cold enough to turn the torrential down pour that we experienced all weekend into snow.

I tried to make the most of it though.

Saturday, I taught my first Microsoft Excel class since I added this service to my business. It went well. i used to teach an entire host of Microsoft classes to the general public at a local library here in town, but it has been years since I have conducted 1-on-1 training, which is much easier.

later on that night, I attended a dinner party in Northside, where some of the other attendees were selling some of their wares. From eclectic jewelery to an assorted group of hand made purses and hats and artwork.

I had forgotten that this dinner party was doubling as a "selling" party and neglected to bring cash with me.

Check out one of the artist's who was selling her wares at this party. She is one of the most talented jewelery makers here in town and has been a featured artist at the Hyde Park Art Show and will be selling some items on Dec 15th at the Contemporary Arts Center.

Sunday was a a very low key day. I spent most of my day doing research at two local libraries. I was searching for pictures of my grandmother's elementary and high schools that she attended, Lincoln Grant and South Street schools, historically African American schools in Newport and Covington KY. I was only able to find a few shots of Lincoln Grant so I will have to travel across the river again to take a few pictures of South Street school.

While I was at the Covington Branch of the Kenton County Public Library, I stopped to take a few shots of the their annual train display.

That was my weekend in a was yours?

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