Monday, December 31, 2007

End Of Year Post Countdown

As most like to do at the ending of of another year (beside plan resolutions) is to look back on the the year that is about to end.

I thought I would count down the top 9 posts that I have had the most fun writing over the past year. Of course there were more than 9 posts that I enjoyed writing, but I though 9 was a nice odd number to choose from.

and away they go...

9-Truck Crashes Into Wall

8-Another Great Opening Day Pitch

7-What was BET Thinking?

6-Quills Up For Qualls

5-Mother of a Teenage Boy Accused of Having Sex With Her Son's Classmate

4-Jazz In Covington

3-Are Black Youth Charged As Adults More Often Than White Youth?

2-4th Year of the War....and what have we accomplished?

1-Pride Is Alive In The Nati!


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