Thursday, December 13, 2007

NADA....Worth the trip

I could find NADA wrong with David Falk's new restaurant that took over Bella's space next to the Aronoff.

Last night, after a whirl wind shopping spree for Pendleton's annual Children's Holiday Party, I decided to wind down for the evening at one of downtown Cincinnati's newest eateries, NADA.

Stepping through the doors, I was immediately transported from the cold rainy streets of Cincinnati into a hip, metropolitan oasis, more commonly found in downtown Chicago or uptown Manhattan rather than on the backs of the Ohio.

With no wait, and feeling a bit under dressed for the establishment, I was whisked away to the main dinning area, which appeal is added to by its elevation from the rest of the down stairs space. Which, incidentally, is broken up nicely by a railed staircase that swirls from the second floor, cascading down to the first.

After an appetizer of chips, salsa and guacamole, and half way completing my meal of chicken tacos, I noticed that the all of the wait-staff were sporting tops that I saw being sold at Park & Vine. But the shirts that I saw expressed love for "the nati" and the shirts that I saw last night expressed its love for "the nada".


Nada, being a Mexican restaurant, the real test of its longevity can only be found in the quality of its margarita...

I think this place is going to do just fine....

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