Monday, January 19, 2009

American As Apple Pie: A Letter To President Obama

Forty years ago, a Baptist minister from the South used his words, delivered on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C,. to invigorate hope in a time of civil despair, reciting to us a dream that he had one day.

Tomorrow, this minister’s dream will be that much closer to becoming a reality when a man, born of a Kenyan father and an American mother, will take stand on the other side of the mall where that preacher proclaimed his wish for America, as he prepares to take helm of the most powerful country in the free world.

When our fore fathers designed our government, the country was speckled with pre-judiciary thoughts based on misconceptions and lies, transcending several generations and manifesting itself in the American Civil War, Jim Crow Laws, Affirmative Action policies, and assassinations of major political leaders such as the preacher mentioned above.

Even though these thoughts were part of the foundation of our nation, the architects of our nation designed a government which could leave way for a person from the African Diaspora to lead the United States of America a little more than a generation after a time when he would have been slain just for thought of becoming “The President”.

President Obama-
This boy from Kentucky, given an Arabic first name, and forced to take the last name of an Irish slave owner, has struggled to find a solid, impenetrable definition of what America is to me.

Tomorrow I will find that answer.

President Barrack Obama, I salute you.

You are what America is too me.

You are my Apple Pie.

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