Saturday, January 17, 2009

Well the weather out side is frightful...

C'mon know the rest.

If you don't, just step out side of your door and experience it first hand.

Needles to say, staying indoors has become more suitable of an option during these last few days and will be until the weather warms up.

Here are a few simple ways to enjoy the your home without running up the gas/electric bill.

Cook in bulk
Make an effort to prepare meals for the entire day/ or a few days at a time in one sitting. This may already be a no brainer for those who prepare meals for their entire family (spouse and kids) but for a bachelor like me who is used to heating up the stove for 20mins for every meal of the day, this little step could save a sizable amount of dough (no pun intended) on your monthly gas/eclectic bill.

More energy saving tips can be found at:

Dimmer not dumber
If you do not want to go the “whole hawg” and change out all of your bulbs with the new fang-dangled eco-friendly light fixtures, you can save with installing dimmer switch. According to Carolina Country, a guide to North Carolina’s country side, you can save upwards to 40% on your energy bill by dimmer the lights half way.

Only Board it up
I remember when growing up in Latonia Terrace housing Projects, my mother would make the yearly trip to the hardware store to purchase overpriced window insulation to place on windows to help keep the heat bills down. For about half the price, to can go to Cappel’s at 917 Race St, Downtown, and purchase inexpensive film wrap, which works just a s well as the Home Depot/Lowe’s wanna-be’s but for half the price.

Wane you comfort zone
Look at your normal level which you keep your heat at while you are at home. Turn your thermostat down a few degrees and watch the savings come rolling in.

Warm it up Kriss (Don’t)
Cut down on the time in which you warm up your car in the mornings on cold winter mornings. We all know that it is a waste of gas when you leave your car idle for 30mins before you head to work, but the fact is, your auto uses fuel at a more efficient rate when it is warmed. You want to make sure to find right balance of warmth and gas savings.

Read more about the benefits here.

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