Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Writing For The Masses

I began this blog several years back in 2006 with the hopes that it would sharpen my writing skills and give me more experience with the written word. I am not sure if the former was accomplished but it definitely has lead way for the latter.

Even before my NAMjA years, I have had a love affair of the written word, though closeted up until I began this blog. In these "closeted" years, I began writing a fiction novel and here it is almost 7 years later and it is still not completed.

This year, its all going to change.

The following is a brief synopsis that I wrote for some publishers who have been interested in the novel.

10 to 1 is a psychologically complex thriller in the same mold as Walter Mosley, but with a touch of a “coming of age” story a la J.K. Rawling.

Jacob Taylor is a shy, gay, 22 yr old recent college graduate. As with most new college graduates, transitioning from an existence of text books and dorm rooms to the “real world” can be a bit daunting.

This, coupled with his turmoil of divulging his sexual orientation to his family, who basks in Southern Baptist values, keeps Jacob’s mind in a bind.

Just a few weeks after Jacob graduates from the University of Cincinnati, his world is turned end over end, as he finds himself struggling to save an innocent life in addition to capturing the love of a man who is tied to the story in more ways than one.

Filled with anguish, suspense, heroes, harlequins and more, this novel will put Jacob through gauntlet of trouble and turmoil, leading up to a final climactic realization that will lead to an understanding of a lifetime.

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