Saturday, January 24, 2009

Stoping AIDS In Cincinnati

I attended an information session at Stop Aids (formerly AVOC) last Thursday evening and learned a lot about the spread of HIV and AIDS.

This organization has been active in the Cincinnati area since 1983 due to Cincinnati’s induction into the United States’ AIDS epidemic which occurred in the same year, in response to the first case of HIV in Cincinnati.

Now STOP AIDS currently employs over 30 full time staffers, and is the only full service HIV/AIDS organization serving Cincinnati.

According to their website (in the process of being updated), STOP AIDS’ mission is to
“To fight HIV/AIDS through education, services and compassionate care one person at a time.”

with a vision

“To lead the fight against HIV/AIDS until there's a cure.”

By having these free classes, along with the organization’s extensive outreach work (they will be at the Underground Railroad Freedom Center on Feb 7th), they are well on the way to using their mission to making their vision become reality.

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Was this your first time working with them? Don't forget that they offer free 20-minute testing five days a week and have an extensive referral list in case you are in need of other resources.