Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I Can Breathe Again

This past Saturday was another great day to work outdoors. Therefore, I took advantage of it and worked with my friend who owns his own landscaping company. Due to the size of this company (only one full time employee), I help him out when the weather is pleasant. He usually employs able-bodied men from one of the labor ready companies located downtown Cincinnati. It turns out that one of the two men that he had employed for the last two weeks, both virtually homeless with a number of run ins with the law among them, were stealing money from him. Saturday, both of those men worked with us and I witnessed the confrontation on Saturday as I was about to finish the half day of work. The sad part was that one of the two men was innocent of stealing the money, but my friend had to fire both of them on the spot because there was not a sure way of telling who was telling the truth.

Have you ever had a time in your life where everything starts to make since?

I took the day off from work on Friday causing me to have a three-day weekend along with this altercation between the seemingly haves and have-nots, helped to free my mind to answer a few questions that has been weighing me down for several months. This, coupled with a leisurely Saturday evening dinner on the patio of Don Pablo’s in Hyde Park (wearing sandals, which I never do), which lead to a weekend finalized with a double dose of church worship and family togetherness, following a night debauchery with a one of my friends and my ex.

Do I dare say I am breathing more freely?


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Jackie Brown said...

It is a shame that one of your oldest friends...watch it now...has to read your blog to find out what is up with YOU!!

love love,