Monday, April 24, 2006

Time to Take Out the Trash

Saturday was a great day! The sun was shining, the weather was perfect hundreds of volunteers all over the city of Cincinnati came out and helped clean up their neighborhoods for the Great American Cleanup. Each neighbor hood designated their own personal goals, but the neighborhood were coordinated by my friend Dave (the one who owns the landscape company). Even though I do not reside in Over-the-Rhine (technically), that is where I volunteered. There were several sectors of OTR that were organized and I worked witht he Main St. crew who were responsible for Main St to Liberty to Vine to Central Parkway ad every thing in between. With only eight volunteers, we still picked up a fair share of trash.

It was a bit discouraging when you were busy picking up trash on the street and someone comes and throws trash on the ground, but there were many more people who thanked us for doing this.

After the cleanup, there was a press conference and pizza party at the OTR Recreation center. Not the easiest place to find, but after consulting a few downtown residents, I was able to find it. The Cincinnati Bucket Boys and their dancers were there and put on an awesome show.

Here are some more pics from the day:

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