Sunday, July 16, 2006

Chicago Is My Kind Of Town

I am still in Chicago, winding down from the last few days of eye opening experiences.

Today, I plan to hang below the radar, check in a few sites in the city and catch up on somethings that I wanted to get accomplished while on vacation (it officially ends Monday evening when I return to Cincinnati).

My traveling companion and I drove from Cincinnati to Chicago on Friday and arrived about 9pm. We are staying in an apartment in the Wicker Park district of the city. Once settled in we decided to check out the infamous Boystown district of the city. After dinner we checked out a few of the popular dance clubs/bars (Hydrate and Roscoes) and then proceeded downtown to the House of Blues where two friends that I grew up with work as bartender/barback in the V.I.P. area (Foundation Lounge). Frankie-Knucles was the DJ that evening for a benefit and towards the end of the night, I was escorted into the DJ booth to meet him. Too cool!

Needless to say, a good time was had by all that first night that I was in Chi-Town.

Saturday was abit more of the same. One of the two friends that work the House of Blues V.I.P. lounge had a day off from work and was able to show me a few places to buy clothes (my goal was to find a good pair of jeans and a pair of boats and the were both accomplished). For showing me around the city, I treated him to lunch at this amazing restaurant called Forno (for some reason I think that it may be a chain).

Today will be more of a low key day. I have been slacking on my workout routine so I may visit a local gym and do a modified workout. Brunch is definitely in order as well. My traveling companion is playing soccer in the Gay Games and has practice in Oak Park this evening, so after my workout and few hours of studying for my Personal Trainer's Certification exam (Aug 4), I plan to meet up with him at his soccer practice and after an early dinner, call it a night. Well that's the plan anyway...

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