Friday, July 21, 2006

Another One Down.... God Knows How Many More To Go

I mentioned in a few of my other posts that I have been enrolled in a personal training course at the university that I work for. The degree that I am gunning for this time is a Bachelors of Science (B.S.) in Economics (I obtained my Associates in Korean Studies from Monterey Peninsula Collage in 1999). This summer semester's course load included a co-op and the personal trainer class.

Yesterday, I sat for my final exam in the personal trainer class ( the co-op class will not end until mid August). I felt pretty comfortable with the material on the exam, but let us see what the final grade is.

Some of you may be trying to conjure up the connection between personal training and an Economics degree. Well there is not one, meaning this class is not a requirement.

While I was in the Army I became very interested in physical training scored perfect on a few of my Physical Fitness Tests (PFT's). Soon I was leading workout sessions and physically training those who were unable to pass the PFT.

In the civilian world, this interest continued, but you need to be a certified personal trainer for anyone to hire you.

Anyone need a personal trainer?

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