Friday, July 28, 2006

Just Makes You Think

Just when I thought that romantic antics were too far gone from our society to place any significant weight on a person's heart, I find something like the following prose, written by a fellow Cincinnatian speaking about his missed connection with a soul as fragile as his.

I should have stayed. I wanted to but was afraid of the ramifications -
even after clarifying them in a matter of fact manner that probably seemed mean
but wasn't. You were a perfect host and eager with an innocence in stark
contrast to the situation's lack of it. The the breeze relaxing, the city
beautiful, and my excuse for not leaving sooner was worse than any Our Decider
could give. It was the type of electric night most romanticize but few bother to
live. I should have stayed. 3:55 am and I should have stayed. The fear ate a
hole in my gut and I fled. But what value is a great romantic moment without a
bittersweet tinge of regret?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

A suitor's heart finds suborned
Desire wildly loosed.

Foretold his tale, its
Lovers' disengaged intent
A familiar froth.

Gathering forces
Will strength to instigation -
A kiss, a hug, two

Actions loaded for
Timing better than present.
The tale unfinished.