Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I Don't Feel Any Different

Someone told me that your 28th birthday is not that important, but it's your 29th that you need to celebrate because Venus is in the same place as it was when you were born. I think he was correct because today, on my 28th birthday, and I do not feel any diffrerent.

I wonder if this young one will feel the same when she hits my age...

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Anonymous said...

Not Venus, Saturn.

On your 29th birthday, Saturn returns to the exact spot in its orbit where it was when you were born. This celestial/gravitational/cosmic event causes the 29 yr old to evaulate all that has happened before and what might happen there after from that cusp of 'certain adulthood' i.e. turning 30. (It's even more cool if you know the time you were born and use that moment to consider the scope of your life.)

I hope you at the least had a few good moments to remember on your birthday.