Monday, July 17, 2006

Sunday, Bloody Sunday

Yesterday did not turn out as I had planned. The deviation in the plan occurred when I walked past the gym on Halstead St. to look at a vintage clothing store just a few blocks further north. The money I had planned to spend went right out the door and into the hands of the retailer. In the process I found a 1988 Cincinnati Bengals AFC Championship T-shirt.

After my unplanned shopping spree, I was able to find a quiet spot in Coldstone Creamery to do a bit of studying. I then jumped on the train and headed to Oak Park where the preliminary soccer games for the Gay Games will be held. The teams were practicing there and I was to meet my traveling companion there and watch him practice with the rest of his team.

Not being a normal spectator of soccer, after two hours of watching a soccer practice and scrimmage, I was reading to head back downtown.

For dinner, I accompanied my traveling companion to the Red Light Restaurant, located in Chicago's former Market District. There we met another Cincinnati native who was tending bar. I usually do not remember anything particular about the meals that I have at restaurants but this one I am not soon to forget.

After dinner, we met up with another player from my traveling companion's soccer team and headed to Boystown for an after dinner cocktail and later headed to Crew, a bar/pub in Uptown where the bartender from the Red Light joined us.

I regretfully leave this fine city this afternoon, but first will head north to Evanston to watch the wrestling event.

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